Price list

Treatments of the quality we offer cannot be financed by public health insurance because insurance companies only cover basic procedures and base their prices on the costs of running a dental practice at the level of the early 1990s. They do not accept the use of any extra procedures or materials for reimbursement. Therefore, we must seek all reimbursement from you. For reference, we list prices for the most commonly performed procedures and dental supplies. A detailed price list is then available at the reception. All prices are in CZK and include VAT. If you have any questions about our practice, please do not hesitate to call and we will be happy to explain everything to you.


Primary comprehensive examination (includes a large panoramic x-ray of all teeth and a full oral examination) 980,-
Sestavení léčebného plánu 1 000,-
A small intraoral image 200,-
Velký snímek (OPG) 500,-

Oral hygiene

In our practice, we pay a lot of attention to prevention, that is, to the prevention of dental diseases, and not only to the elimination of their consequences.

Airflow (sandblasting) 2 150,-
1 hour tartar removal (ultrasound, hand tools) 1 320,-
Vizualizace plaku a nácvik čištění zubů 600,-

Dental fillings

Fotokompozitní výplň (dle rozsahu výplně) pomocí mikroskopu from 8 000,-
Skloinomerní cement (dle rozsahu výplně) pomocí mikroskopu from 5 000,-


Root canal treatment

Ošetření kořenového kanálku bez mikroskopu 3 000,-
2 channels 4 500,-
3 channels 6 000,-
4 channels 7 500,-
5 channels 9 000,-
Tooth restoration after endodontic treatment with composite pins 4 500,-


Extrakce zubu 1 500,-
Komplikovaná extrakce zubu 3 000,-


Zavedení 1 implantátu BIOMET 3i včetně augmentace kosti (event. sinus liftu) 35 000,-
Abutment BIOMET 3i (including original self-tapping screw) 7 000,-


1 ampoule of anesthetic 290,-

Fun gas

Fun gas cca 2 000,-
Maska 200,-

Crowns and bridges

According to the current price list of the dental laboratory

Zircon crown 9 000,-
Zirkonový mezičlen 5 500,-

Removable prostheses

According to the current price list of the dental laboratory

Poplatek za pohotovostní ošetření mimo ordinační hodiny

4 000,- + cena výkonu ošetření

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in the office 15 000,-
Home teeth whitening Production of bleaching media in accordance with the current laboratory price list